I love my work and am known for my unique inspirational style. I have studied both Eastern and Western philosophies and teachings. I have traveled the globe to meet with many of the world's most renowned teachers, swamis, avatars and healers and have integrated their varied processes and techniques into my own synergistic and unique approach. I customize the work 100% to meet you where you are. My work moves you in a positive direction that leads you to a place inside where you are confident and happy.

Women, especially are judged on their physical appearance and relationship status, while men are judged on their wealth and accomplishments. These are two main issues that I specialize in, relationships and body image. Body image is a lifelong concern for most women which can cause a lot of unnecessary suffering.

I teach you the "HOW TO LET GO" of unwanted feelings, emotions, concepts, beliefs, patterns and habits that hold you back and lead to destructive behavior and self sabotage. My work focuses on relationships, and that includes your relationship with yourself and with your body.

Mission Statement

As a coach and a teacher, my mission is to equip you with the tools and methods to bring about positive change, alleviate emotional suffering, and empower, inspire and encourage you to be your natural, authentic self, living the life you truly desire.

I believe that we are all here to grow and to unlock the freedom within us. Most of us want to fulfill our potential.   We want to learn how to cope with challenges and obstacles without stress and find the fastest and best solutions.

 I have a variety of tools, techniques and methods that I offer you to explore your true potential and overcome obstacles. I have traveled the globe finding what works best.  My book, Kiss me Swami, takes you through my personal journey and shows you the things I did that worked in making positive changes in my life  and have given me understanding, joy and more inner peace.  

An authentic person is a powerful force, charismatic and a magnet for good. Authenticity is living your truth naturally and with ease. When you become authentic you will open like a beautiful flower. The more authentic you become the false negative beliefs, negative patterns and program will began to fall away on their own accord. Your life become more about celebration and not seeking. When you merge and meet your natural self you will see there are no boundaries and barriers to having what you truly desire. You say YES to success and your total YES creates the transformation that is waiting to be experienced.

I love my work and love seeing you have more self-love and confidence. In addition, direct your mind in positive directions and maintain focus on your goals and priorities and have more favorable outcomes in your life. Its amazing when you began to learn about life and yourself and gain the knowledge and skills to master opportunity and achieve your potential.

I present my work in a simple, easy way to grasp and understand that will assist you in your journey through life.